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Because we want to make renting your property to us simple, we understand that you may have some questions or you may just want to discover more about the service we offer. This help and support section should give you the answers.

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How it works

Unlike a traditional letting agent, we don’t charge you any set-up or tenant-finding fees. Nor do we charge you for interviewing our tenants or for drafting and preparing the rental agreements with our clients. Unlike traditional letting agents, we don’t charge you a monthly management commission to manage the tenants, to deal with their enquiries or to coordinate the maintenance at the property. At the end of the rental term, we also check the tenants out and deal with necessary repairs before ensuring the property is returned in the same or better condition.

How do I book a free appointment?

You can enter your property details on our website and we will call you to arrange your appointment, you can email us below, or you can book your appointment by talking to us on social media. If you want to go old school, you can just call us on 0333 202 6962. It’s simple. It’s same day. It’s free.

When will I receive the rent?

Once we have visited your property, the rent will be in your bank within 7 days of entering into the rental agreement with us. If you want the rent sooner, you can request it within 2 hours of our appointment. In that case, you would need to use our fast-track service that has a small expedition charge of £47.00.

How much rent will I receive?

Depending on the condition and location of your property, we will pay up to the full market rent and sometimes a little more. We tend to pay up to 25% above the market rent for some furnished properties in particular locations. When we view your property, we will tell you exactly how much rent you will receive, which is always more than if you rented the property yourself or via an agency.

How long will you rent the property for?

The longer the better, for you and for us. We usually pay more rent for longer periods, and most landlords we work with want to secure their guaranteed rent for as long as possible. Our most popular period is 3 years; however, a longer or shorter period may work for you. We will discuss the period that you prefer at your appointment.

What if you don’t pay me the rent?

There’s always a risk that the economy may collapse or there’s a global financial meltdown. Should the worst happen, we have you covered. There’s a clause written into the agreement to protect you: in the event that we can’t meet the rent, you get to terminate the agreement with us immediately on the 14th day the rent is late, and you don’t have to evict us, because the particular agreement we use means we as the tenant don’t get protection from eviction because we are a company not a person. In simple terms, you have more protection letting to us compared to a private tenant or via a letting agency.

Who are the tenants you put in the property?

Throughout the year, we work with a range of different clients and partners who rely on us to house their staff, to provide short-term relocation rental periods, and others who are looking for a month-by-month rental term. What our clients all have in common is they need a luxury home from home and the flexibility to move in or out at short notice, which isn’t facilitated using a fixed-term assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

How do you make your money?

We only work with higher-end individuals, organisations and businesses that want to pay us a premium in exchange for the flexibility of fully furnished and fully serviced short-term accommodation that delivers everything and more than they would expect from their own home, when they are travelling on business, working away or in need of a month-by-month rental period.

How do you guarantee the rent to me?

Our entire business model and the reputation we are building are based on us never missing a single payment to a single client, ever. The rental agreement we enter into means we guarantee the rent for the length of the term. Should we fail to meet our rent obligations, you get to terminate the agreement, and we don’t deserve to have you as a client because we failed.

Who pays for the maintenance in the property during the agreement?

Because we have to maintain all properties to the highest possible standard, we cover the cost of maintenance, from leaky taps to broken door handles, and usual maintenance works up to the first £50 per issue throughout the entire rental term. Because we don’t want to trouble our landlords with the typical hassles of maintenance and endless charges that ‘some’ letting agents are known for, we take all of that hassle away and we cover the cost up to £50 per issue we discover. Of course, if it’s mechanical failure of white goods, appliances or a boiler or something structural, that reverts to the landlord, including anything over £50. Just so you know why it’s £50, in 19 years of experience being landlords, the most common issues we have found are resolved and dealt with under the £50 threshold.

What properties will you rent?

Everything residential is considered, from a 1-bedroom apartment to 5-bedroom executive homes and everything in between.

We also consider commercial properties, offices and unusual spaces too.

Simply get in touch today and we’ll let you know if your property is something we are looking for immediately.

My property needs preparation work or upgrading. Will it be suitable? will rent a brand-new penthouse that just been built and doesn’t need anything doing to it apart from furnishing. We will also rent properties that are unfinished projects, properties in a bad state of repair, or even properties damaged by previous tenants. What’s great is that we will use our own funds to complete the preparation work or light refurbishment works so you don’t have to.

Who pays the bills and utilities, especially while it’s vacant? will pay all of the bills and standing charges during the rental term and even while the property is vacant or between tenant changeovers. We take the hit on those costs, not you. Pretty awesome, right?

Do you prefer the property to come furnished or unfurnished?

Every property we rent needs to be furnished, which means if you already have a part or fully furnished property, we will simply pay you more rent. If the property is unfurnished, that’s absolutely fine: we’ll simply furnish the property ourselves, at our expense.

Are there any tenant-finding fees to pay?

Unlike the traditional letting agencies, we don’t charge you any fees whatsoever when you let any property directly to us. We’ll never ask you to pay us a single penny for finding tenants, nor a single penny at tenant changeovers. There are no fees to pay us at any time.

Are there any monthly management fees to pay?

Not a chance. Unlike high street letting agencies or property managers, we don’t charge you a single percentage in monthly management commissions. There’s absolutely no monthly management commissions to pay us, ever.

What happens if I need to sell during the rental term?

That’s fine with us. We’ve got you covered there. Our sister company will help you sell any property at the fair market price, even during the fixed rental term. All we require is that the commission the agent would receive is paid to us instead should you need to terminate our rental agreement earlier. Because we would earn a selling commission, we would release you from the agreement earlier, subject to terms and conditions that will be in the rental agreement you have entered into with us.

How long does the appointment take?

We understand landlords are busy. Therefore, most appointments should take no more than 25 minutes once our local expert arrives at your property. Everything we need to do to confirm our rental offer will be done at this one appointment.

What should I expect at the appointment?

One of our local experts will meet you or your keyholder, introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. They will need access to every room and space that’s included with the let. That should take no longer than 25 minutes. If you want to ask away for any length of time once the viewing is completed, that’s absolutely fine too, and we are always happy to answer whatever questions you may have. If you keep the Earl Grey tea flowing, we’ll stay as long as you need questions answered.

Who is responsible for the tenant in the property?

The responsibility for the rent, the condition of the property, changing the tenants, management of the tenants, and maintenance and cleaning of the property is always ours.
That’s why we carefully select the right tenants or clients because regardless of whether our tenants pay us, we still pay you the full market rent even while the property is vacant, or if the tenant can’t afford to pay us, and the full rent is paid even if we have to evict any client or tenant we place in the property.

Why should I choose you over renting privately or over an agency?

Let us give you 8 reasons why more and more landlords are choosing compared to going it alone or even paying through the nose to a letting agent:

  • You’ll receive guaranteed rent 365 days a year, no matter what
  • The full rent is paid even while the property is vacant
  • There are no tenant-finding fees to pay us, ever
  • There are no monthly management commissions to pay
  • There are no voids. We pay the full rent even during tenant changeovers
  • The maintenance costs are all paid by us* so you get to avoid the costs
  • Your property is returned in the same condition or better at the end
  • During an eviction, the full rent and the court costs are paid by us

There are too many to list. You get the gist, right?

What does ‘subject to an internal inspection’ mean?

You may receive a provisional offer from us, either online or over the phone. Based on the condition and location and the details you have provided, we will make you a competitive offer, sometimes more than your asking rent, which will be subject to an internal inspection. At the inspection, we confirm the details you have provided and, as long as nothing has changed or been left out, the provisional offer we made will be formalised. If there are changes or new information which impact the market valuation, we may need to revise our offer, which may go down or quite possibly up.

What if I miss the 7-day rental offer guarantee?

Because rental values change daily, we only guarantee our offers for a maximum of 7 days. If you decide to rent to us after the 7th day, we simply have to review our offer. If nothing’s changed, the figure remains the same; if something has changed, the rental offer or terms may be altered to reflect the changes.

What is the next step to working with

To find out how much rent you would receive, and for how long, simply enter your address and a few details into the form here to receive your no-obligation rental valuation and offer.

It’s simple. It’s same day. It’s free. What are you waiting for?

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