The Dream Home Challenge

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Get only 6 landlords to rent their properties to us, and we’ll pay the rent on your dream home

We’ll pay your rent or mortgage on your dream home. It’s that simple.

So let’s start with the all-important question…

How much would it cost for you to pay for your dream home?

  • £600 per month?
  • £1,200 per month?
  • £1,800 per month?
  • £2,400 per month?

I’m talking about one of those homes you would have so everybody would know you’ve made a success of your life…

One of those status homes that cost about the same as the average UK salary which are out of reach for most … and you probably wouldn’t choose to get one unless you were loaded, or wanted to show off a little.

That all changes from today, my friend… want to pay the rent on that dream home for you … for FREE!

Let me tell you what we mean by that, and show you exactly how it works.

When you become a member of theyrentanyhome affiliate programme, you will be instantly be enrolled into our dream home challenge.

Every month thereafter, as you find and sign up new landlords to simply rent their properties to us, you will be climbing closer and closer to getting the rent or mortgage paid on your dream home!

It’s that simple!

Here’s how you qualify and what you’ll get:

  1. Just get to 6 active theyrentanyhome members as soon as you can. Once you have your first 6 active members, you instantly qualify for your dream home payments. You can therefore go and rent your dream home, or if you already live in your dream home, just send us the tenancy agreement or the mortgage statements as proof that you have it.
  • Every month, we send you a cheque for £1,200 which reimburses you for your payments on your dream home.
  • When you get to 12 active members, we’ll increase it to £2,400 per month. For every month that you have a minimum of 12 active members, we’ll send you a cheque for £2,400 which reimburses you for your payments on your dream home.

The challenge for us is that we want to pay as many rents or mortgages on people’s dream homes as we can over the next 12 months.

The big question is this: will be paying for your dream home?

*Active members must be signed up on a 24-month agreement or longer.

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